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Marijuana still is the most abused narcotic in the state of Ohio.  Although Marijuana is grown locally, Mexico and Canada are also main importers.  Marijuana remains a popular drug amongst all members of society, including gender and race.  Experimental substance is also on the rise regarding the juveniles (ranging from the ages of 10-12 years of age).

mar·i·jua·na also mar·i·hua·na

1. The cannabis plant.

2. A preparation made from the dried flower clusters and leaves of the cannabis plant, usually smoked or eaten to induce euphoria.

Marijuana can be used in many ways.  Some users smoke it in rolling papers referred to as “joints.”  It is also used in pipes, and water pipes known as “bongs.”  Also, a popular new trend is the use of cigars, cut down the middle then filled with Marijuana (often mixed with other substances such as cocaine) called “blunts.” Many users also brew Marijuana in boiling water, the same as tea leaves, and finely chop Marijuana and use it as an ingredient in foods.

In 2005, more than 48,000 cultivated cannabis plants were eradicated and seized in the state as part of the DEA's Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program.

The most widely used and illicit narcotic in the United States, there is a stronger form of cannabis named hashish (hash), which can be coloured either green or brown (or both).  It is usually pressed into cakes (flat) or balls.  Marijuana is frequently called a gateway drug because constant use many times’ turns the user onto other drugs.

Street names:
Pot, weed, blunts, chronic, grass, reefer, herb, ganja 

Effects and dangers:
Cannabis may affect mental and physical health of the user.  Marijuana can make the user feel happy or depressed, depending on the environment and individual.  Marijuana also increases heart rate and blood pressure. Many users, when smoking Cannabis will get redness in the iris of their eyes, as well as hunger and fatigue.  Like other drugs, Marijuana users may also become paranoid and have hallucinations during usage.  Cannabis is similar to cigarettes when it comes to the lungs.  Users often cough more, are more prone to colds, and are subject to wheezing. 

How is Marijuana addictive?

Individuals who use Marijuana may become dependant on it.  The reason is they may feel the need to use Marijuana in order to feel good or handle life and its stresses.  Their bodies may also build a tolerance to Marijuana over time, leading the user to need more of the drug to experience the same high obtained when they initially started using.

Fast facts

First time offenders convicted of possession of Marijuana usually receive a fine or discharge.  However, a criminal record is still issued.

  The maximum penalty for growing cannabis is seven years imprisonment.

The maximum penalty for selling cannabis (called “trafficking”), or attempting to smuggle it in/out of the United States results in life imprisonment.

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