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Drugs and alcohol rehabilitation in Ohio

Twelve steps: The Twelve Step program has proven itself to be a positive influence with individuals in need of rehabilitation.  These persons need a plan to cope with obsessive-compulsive behaviours; traits which the individual believes make their life uncontrollable.  The simplicity of the Twelve Step program has appealed to millions of followers.  Often saving lives which have become affected by negativity and behaviour, often threatening their very existence. The foundation of the Twelve Step program revolves around spirituality and not religious principles, and was created by Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) in the U.S. in 1935.  Anonymity is the key to success in the Twelve Step program, and the ability to dispose your inner demons through spiritual cleansing. Co-operating and sharing life experiences with other members contributes to a healthy lifestyle.  All members have endured similar hardships, so a bond may be formed.  Also the addict taking part is placed with a sponsor to ensure that after the program is completed, the addict still has a feeling of security.

The twelve steps address different triggers such as Alcohol abuse, Drug abuse, overeating, gambling etc.

Long term religious based program

The concept behind this method is to get the addict back in touch with God through hard working camp, getting the addict out of his personal surroundings and into a religious atmosphere. Unfortunately this method has a small completion ratio. 

Behavioral modification :

This method’s main focus is trying to break the addicts’ spirit.  The purpose is to constantly place peer pressure on the individual, also telling them their bad and degrading.  The goal is to break the character of the person, the spirit so it can be later rebuilt.  A small percentage will result in being a harmless individual. 

Biophysical Treatment:

This Treatment has a unique sauna program that removes the bad toxins, eliminating cravings, from the body replacing with vitamins and minerals; this will address the biophysical and biochemical imbalances.  After the person takes part in a social educational program that will teach new life skills so the person will be accountable, and with confidence be able to undertake life hardships and come out on top. The skills include learning to properly communicate and practising this skill, learning about personalities and the traits of each one can distinguish between only associating themselves with good people.

Then the person will apply these skills and repair the harm from situations that are holding them back in life now.  The situations, commonly from early in life, that is holding them back in present life. This must be repaired in order for a happy and drug free productive life to be achieved.

The last stage is specifically for the individual and is made after the case supervisor has been able to see what the individual has to work on to see to it their success.  A large component is the ability to live life based on one’s personal views but within the morals of society.

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